Pollinator & Native Plant Habitat Restoration Demonstration Project (01-104) at Dyess AFB, TX, demonstrated how habitat restoration through removal of invasive plant species and augmentation of the native floral population can result in high quality pollinator habitat, even on small patches of ground. 

Golf and the Environment: Chesapeake Bay Watershed Demonstration Project (01-150) at the U.S. Naval Academy, MD, developed an east-to-use management plan that meets the long-term environmental goals of sustainability and increased biodiversity. 

Golf and the Environment: Southeast Region Demonstration Project (01-151) at Fort Benning, GA, developed scientifically sound methods for creating environmentally friendly golf courses on Southeast DoD lands.

Restoration of Eastern Native Grasslands and the Repatriation of the Eastern Regal Fritillary Butterfly Project (08-392) at Fort Indiantown Gap National Guard Training Center, PA restored native grasslands, released regal fritillary to create satellite populations, and reduced impacts of this species and other grassland rare species. Click Here to view the Legacy Fact Sheet.

Sustainable Landscape Designs Utilizing Native Species to Increase Pollinator Habitats on Military Lands Project (09-461) developed a guidance document for using native plant species in landscape plantings to provide food, water, and shelter for pollinators. DoD land managers can implement the designs included in this guidance across 10 ecoregions and at over 250 installations. Click Here to view the Legacy Fact Sheet.

Pollinator Projects Funded by the Legacy Program

For more information on the DoD Legacy Resource Management Program, visit https://www.dodlegacy.org/legacy/index.aspx
DoD Funded Projects
DoD has been involved in promoting pollinator and pollinator habitat conservation efforts on its lands for 15 years. Specific projects that demonstrate this are:

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