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Too much pressure there can impact blood flow or nerve conduction.

  • The advantage of adding the reverse before doing you half-hitch is that it is a little easier to set and maintain your tension while locking off the cuff.

  • This one was invented first, but the Burlington Bowline has some features from some the bola-bola as well.

  • Here is a very good video tutorial by deGiotto, a Houston based rigger, educator, player, shibari materials supplier, and generally nice guy.

Posted in , , , , The Takate Kote or Box Tie is one of the most widely used ties in Japanese Shibari positions.

  • When you finally get hold of some rope, the question is where to start? Posted in , , , , There are many variations of Hip Harnesses.

  • This popular reverse-tension single column tie is attractive, lies relatively flat, and is very secure.

  • The first is Rope marks: whilst not really an injury per say, being tied with rope will more than likely leave impressions on Your skin.