White papules - White papules and follicular abnormalities on a toddler's face

Papules white White Bumps

Papules white White Bumps

White Bumps or Spots on Tongue: Causes and Natural Treatments

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What Is This White Bump on My Face?

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Why do I have white bumps on my upper arms?

Papules white Tiny, Skin

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Papules white What Are

White papules on scrotum

The Erythematous Papules Caused by Rubella virus lasts for a total of a week in duration.

  • Herpes can cause bumps around the mouth, nose etc.

  • However, what if you are not sexually active or you carefully use protection? Applying fresh Aloe Vera around the scrotal arear might also help sooth your skin and reduce the itchiness.

  • Usually these bumps are small and do not hurt, but at times, they can be big bumps.

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