Freckles 18 - Women with Freckles

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18 freckles I tattooed

18 freckles Women with

18 freckles Freckles (1960)

18 freckles Freckles (1960)

Freckles 18

18 freckles Freckles (1960)

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18 freckles VTG Daisy

19 Stunning Women Who Prove Freckles Are Gorgeous

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I tattooed freckles on my face thinking they’d fade

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Wholesale purchasing is offered on a limited basis.

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  • A canine foster brother lives with Freckles and she has done great with him.

  • My finished goods display variations in each piece to make it one of a kind for you, this adds to the unique quality of each piece.

I use high quality materials and construction methods.

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  • If interested I can explain it.

  • Freckles and her foster brother joined their mom on a trip to visit her parents.