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Bundeswehr German Military

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Bundeswehr Body Armor and Soldier Systems: Past, Present, and Future

Bundeswehr List of

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As a rule, the analytics of this site is always based on opinion an unknown source of the Ministry of Defense or an incomprehensible photo.

  • It will be very difficult to extinguish burning lithium-ion batteries.

  • According to the definition given by former Defense Minister Struck, it may be necessary to defend Germany even at the Hindu Kush.

  • On mission, the companies of the battalion were to be split up into teams of five or six men.

And the mausoleum at parades is hammered with plywood, some will score points.

  • And my cars move around the clock.

  • They are frequent guests of the cosmonauts of Yekaterinburg.

  • Not special Only in other areas, which are closer, the same problems.

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