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Inside Sandra Oh's Remarkably Private World: Disappointed Parents, Cruel Agents and Her Secret Romances

Like, suddenly we're in the room.

  • But the result that we went for, I think we actually hit -- which you don't say very often.

  • Bart Simpson is known for sporting his mischief sometimes in place of his blue shorts.

  • And how it's expressed is through the fighting, and we loved that metaphor, obviously.

Growing up, Oh was one of the few youths of Asian descent in Nepean.

  • Her on-screen character, Villanelle is a ruthless assassin with a super sharp sense of style, and Jodie Comer has got one thing in common with her Killing Eve character.

  • She took it all off again and put some sushi on in the 2008 movie inspired by the television series and also called Sex in the City.

  • Heche: I think it was the same for Sandra; we talked to Onur and learned who our sparring partner was going to be and we were like, Whaaat?! Her birth name is Sandra Miju Oh.